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Brewery & Restaurant
Vojanův Dvůr

Brewery & Restaurant
Vojanův Dvůr

Vojanův dvůr brewery and restaurant is located in Malá Strana (the Lesser Town) in an historic building that was originally a bishopric court dating back to the 13th century. The grand opening of the brewery was held in July 2018, making Vojanův dvůr the first micro-brewery in Malá Strana. The beer here is brewed by Robert Maňák, an experienced brew master from our sister brewery U tří růží. Under his guidance you can look forward to special beers you won’t find elsewhere.

Head chef Martin Procházka prepares delicacies of traditional Czech and Moravian cuisine with a modern flair. The restaurant has plenty of room inside and out with its spacious summer garden and even boasts a covered podium, making it the ideal space for weddings, banquets, team building and private parties.

The first mention of the building dates from 1249, when it was the residence of the Bishop of Prague. In the early 19th century it passed into the hands of the noble Windisch-Grätz family and was also used as an imperial stables. One of the horses kept there, ARDO II, was chosen by sculptor Jan Myslbek as a model for the equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslas at the top of Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square).

today menu

Brewery beef burger
juicy beef in a homemade
bun with spicy mayonnaise,
Cheddar cheese, bacon
and crispy onion and
farmer´s French fries

Hops in menu

Tagliatelle flavored with Saaz hops with cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and olive oil

Live Music

Pleasant listening to live music of several genres. In our beer garden  and restaurant Vojanův dvůr in Malá Strana. As it is difficult for us to determine the exact days of the show due to the weather forecast, please follow our Facebook or call our brewery directly: 257 532 660

1. Birthday

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, the brewery and restaurant Vojanuv Dvur celebrate its 1st birthday. You can look forward to live music, grilled pork leg and our Lager for 45 CZK 0,5l


  • Mala Strana Lager (0,5l)

    60 Kč
  • Ruby special (0,4l)

    65 Kč
  • Mosaic IPA (0,4l)

    65 Kč
  • Birell non–alcoholic (0,33l)

    50 Kč
  • Maisel’s Weisee non–alcoholic (0,33l)

    50 Kč
  • Apple cider Tatův Sad (0,33l)

    80 Kč
  • Take away: Lager, Dark beer, Ruby (1,0L PET)

    120 Kč
  • Hefeweizen (0,5l)

    65 Kč


malt house

Brewing beer has to start with the malt. Malt is made in the malt house by germinating grain. After this procedure the grain is dried, scraped and the whole mixture is put into the mash tun/kettle.


The kettle is the metaphorical heart of the brewery. In the first faze the malt is mixed with water at the temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and slowly heated.

mash tun

A part of this solution (called mashout) is pumped over into the bottom part of the mash tun (an insulated brewing vessel with a false bottom) where the heating starts at a constant temperature of 63 to 73 degrees Celsius so the enzymes are deactivated.
Next the whole brew is pumped over into a "lauter tun" where the grains are separated from the sweet wort (called lautering). Then the sweet wort is pumped into another vessel where it is boiled for about an hour at the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. After adding hops we get hop wort...

heat exchanger

Which then travels into a heat exchanger, where it's cooled to a temprature when yeast can be added safly, (10 degrees) after that the hop wort is pumped into fermentation tanks.
Here the main fermenting process comes to order. Brewing yeast is added into opened tanks and it lets the beer ferment for 8-12 days at 7-10 degrees. Draft beers lie in the fermentation tanks for about 10 days, lager 12 days. The main part of alcohol is created during this process.


After that the beer goes into the cellar where in different fermentation tanks it ferments for another 40 days at 1 to 3 degrees.

Brew master

Robert Maňák

Robert Maňák the brew master of the brewery Vojanův dvůr was born in České Budějovice where he studied food processing and brewing. His career started in Prague in the monastic brewery Strahov where he met for the first time with real brewer practice and gained the opportunity to learn from the best from his craftsmanship. It didn't take long and his beer gained recognition of many satisfied beer drinkers. Robert has gained dozens of domestic awards in various contests.
Robert Maňak himself is a big lover of beer and his craftsmanship. He is proud of his own work and proclaims: „I brew beer only from the best ingredients and according to my own methods which are a part of my know-how. I am always enthusiastic and excited. The best reward for me is when people drink my beer and like it and want to return.“ In our brewery Vojanův dvůr Robert Maňák made good use of his many-year experience. On a regular bases he is brewing three basic beers - lager, semi-dark lager and dark lager. These beers are replenished by beer specials which he knowing hot to brew more than 30 types Robert Maňák gives our guests the opportunity to try new beers during every visit in our brewery. New beers from around the whole world.


  • Address:
    U Lužického semináře 21, 110 00 Praha 1
  • Tel:
    +420 257 532 660

  • Working hours:

  • Marketing & Management:

  • Reservation supervizor:
    Lukáš Pešta
    +420 608 155 525

  • Chef:
    Martin Procházka

  • IČO:
  • DIČ:
    CZ 24196240