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Vojanův Dvůr

Vojanův Dvůr

Welcome at Vojan’s Yard. The first written record about this building is dated from 1249, when it was the seat of the Prague bishop. At the beginning of the 19th century it was passed into the ownership of the aristocratic family Windischgrätz and it was used also as an imperial stables, where a horse named ARDO II. was stabled.

Ardo was choosen by the famous Czech sculptor Jan Myslbek as a model for the equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas in the upper part of Wenceslas Square. Over time the building was transfered into a state property and renamed after the great actor and director of the National Theatre, Mr. Eduard Vojan.

The property is currently used in its upper part by the state administration. Total reconstruction of building and its garden is underway. After its completion we would like to welcome you to a stylish old Czech pub with its own brewery and traditional Czech cuisine with a capacity of 300 seats.

today menu

Brewery beef burger
juicy beef in a homemade
bun with spicy mayonnaise,
Cheddar cheese, bacon
and crispy onion and
farmer´s French fries

Pork ribs

Did you try our pork ribs in dark beer with barbeque sauce, served with roast potatoes, garlic dip, green salad and bread/ rolls?

Pork chop

Recommendations for this weekend, grilled pork chop with mashed potatoes and mushroom ragout. Bon appetite!


Merry Christmas from Vojanův dvůr! Our Christmas menu:
1. Kuba, traditional Czech food based on barley hake and mushrooms
2. Old Bohemian Soup from carp fish
3. Fried Carp breaded steak with festive potato salad
4. Coconut roll with rum


  • Amber Ale (0,4l)

    59 Kč
  • Brewery U tří růží special (0,25l / 0,4l)

    39 / 59 Kč
  • Pilsner Urquell (0,3l / 0,5l)

    39 / 59 Kč
  • Velkopopovický kozel dark (0,3l / 0,5l)

    39 / 59 Kč
  • Radler (0,5l)

    75 Kč
  • Birell non–alcoholic (0,3l)

    45 Kč
  • Maisel’s Weisee non–alcoholic (0,3l)

    45 Kč
  • Apple cider (0,33l)

    80 Kč